The Life of Chira

I'm a Spiritualist,YouTuber, Blogger, Interior Designer/Photographer, Makeup/Fashion Artist, Talk Show Host & Musician! @crhserenity

I like to share my thoughts and such and I keep it real, I'm not a fake person at all what so ever, I do keep things real.

I'm an artist; a girl in her bedroom showing other people what I've learned along the way. I’m still trying to find out where I belong and fit in this crazy world.

I spend most of my time networking, uploading videos on YouTube, writing blogs and keeping up with everyone everywhere.

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Honey Beer Bread Recipe | Gimme Some Oven →


Finally found a Lammas recipe that I can handle!

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#Lammas #altar #Wicca #magic #HappyHarvest


#Lammas #altar #Wicca #magic #HappyHarvest

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